From my soundtrack for the upcoming Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles Vol. 5 “Everywhere and Anywhere” by Big Finish, here’s “Basically, Run” – our brand new action theme for the 11th Doctor!

I’m delighted to announce that I have the honour of composing the music for Big Finish’s upcoming The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles audio dramas! Having the opportunity to compose my own Doctor Who music and a theme for the 11th Doctor was a highlight of my year!

The Big Finish set “Everywhere and Anywhere” comes with three fantastic audio dramas on December 19, but instead of making you wait until then, I’m releasing my action theme for the Eleventh Doctor as a single now – “Basically, Run” is now out on all your favourite platforms to stream and download to your heart’s content!

Find this track on your favourite platform by following this link!