Carol of the Bells (Shchedryk), the iconic Christmas song, redone as an epic neoclassical metal version… or something like that!

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This is a Carol of the Bells cover by Borna Matosic and the Mesdames Musicales, feat. the Lockdown Choir!

Carol of the Bells is my favourite Christmas song. Why? Because of that scene in Home Alone! And because it sounds so dark! It sounds like it was composed by a metal composer, so I always wanted to do a metal cover! When the Mesdames Musicales invited me to do two songs with them for their Christmas 2021 project, I knew this was the perfect time to finally make that Carol of the Bells version I always had in my head!

Carol of the Bells needs a choir, so of course I invited the brilliant singers from my Doctor Who Lockdown Choir projects to sing with us! Dear Lockdown Choir, thank you for your beautiful voices and Merry Christmas to you all!

The Mesdames Musicales are:
Jana Marie Gropp – Vocals
Pauline Gropp – Piano, Vocals
Sarah Bergé – Violin, Vocals
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For this video, our fantastic friend Sebastian Plück-Keppel joined us to take care of the camera and lighting departments. Well done and thanks a lot Sebastian!

Carol of the Bells was originally an Ukrainian folk chant titled Shchedryk, composed by Mykola Leontovych in 1914. The well-known „Carol of the Bells“ version of the lyrics that we used for this cover was later added by Peter J. Wilhousky.

Audio production, song arrangement, video editing, guitar playing and more by Borna Matosic! If you‘ve read this far, well done and thank you for your interest!

Merry Christmas you all!