Celtic rock melodies fuse with Oriental soundscapes to create DESERT RAIN – a Borna Matosic original! Filmed in the Glencoe Highlands! Listen to DESERT RAIN on YouTube now. ► Stream/Download this track on Spotify/iTunes: https://songwhip.com/borna-matosic/desert-rain The time has come to release another original song of mine! DESERT RAIN was born a while ago, inspired by the idea of fusing Celtic melodies with Oriental sounds. The music came easy to me, but I had trouble coming up with a fitting title for this all-instrumental song. Those who follow me on Twitter will remember that some time ago I posted a snippet asking the community for their ideas. Some great thoughts were shared and eventually led me down the right path where all of a sudden everything made sense. If you combine Celtic with Oriental, rain meets sand, broadly speaking. Hence, DESERT RAIN! The next challenge was finding a fitting location to film this music video. Living in Germany, I have access to neither a desert nor a landscape that fits the Celtic rock vibe of this song. I thought about solving this with my usual green screen trickery, but then in the summer of 2023 I decided to travel to Scotland and take my guitar in case a good opportunity came up to shoot this – and it did! I was blown away by the beauty of the Highlands and found a perfect spot in Glencoe to ROCK out while standing on a rock… DESERT RAIN is available on your favourite streaming platform, be it Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, you name it. Happy listening! Audio production, song arrangement, video editing, guitar playing and more by Borna Matosic! Shoutout and thank you to my drone operator Stefanie J.!