In collaboration with the MESDAMES MUSICALES, we created a musical advent calendar that raised over €15.000 for the GERMAN DOCTORS charity!

Listen to Door Nr. 24: ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS on YouTube now, and Merry Christmas everyone!

I was invited by my friends and frequent collaborators, the crossover ensemble MESDAMES MUSICALES, to be the audio and video producer (and occasional guest musician) on their imaginative and very challenging Xmas Charity project: A musical advent calendar, featuring 24 music videos to spread the Christmas spirit and benefit a good cause in the process!

Needless to say, we spent countless days in my home studio recording and producing tons of Christmas music. We did a photoshooting for the calendar cover photo and four full days of video shoots in various locations, and then it was time for me to do the postproduction: 24 audio mixes, 24 video edits!

The calendar was available to buy online and in select local stores in our area. Available both as a digital version in the form of a daily email newsletter and a real print version featuring QR codes hidden behind 24 doors that led to our music videos, this advent calendar was a huge success and managed to raise €15.724 for the GERMAN DOCTORS charity!

Merry Christmas, indeed!