I’m thrilled to announce that from “Broken Hearts” onwards, I will be the composer for Big Finish’s audio drama range The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles! From now on, my music will accompany the Eleventh Doctor and his companion Valarie on their adventures! Broken Hearts is a bonus episode designed to fill the gap between volumes 4 and the upcoming volume 5 of the series and is available now as a download exclusive from the BIG FINISH website!

Additionally, my music suite for Broken Hearts is now available for your listening pleasure on my Youtube channel:

I had a brilliant time scoring this episode and planting the seeds for some of my main themes that I’ve composed for use in the upcoming volumes of this series. 

About Broken Hearts:

He took her apart, and she told him she was fine. She lied.

He saved their world, and told them they’d be safe. He was wrong.

“Broken Hearts” by Lisa McMullin is a bonus episode set between Volumes 4 and 5 of The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles and the first episode in the series to feature music by yours truly. It’s a beautiful story centered around the 11th Doctor (Jacob Dudman) and his companion Valarie (Safiyya Ingar) – and two rescue bots named Lionel and Augustus!

I scored this episode during my stay in Cardiff in the week of the Doctor Who 60th concert, to which I was invited to play electric guitar on Doomsday. So for more reasons than one, this episode will always have a special place in my hearts! This music suite was previously released as a bonus download for those who bought “Broken Hearts”. It features several themes that first appeared in this story, including Valarie’s theme, the Doctor and Val’s friendship theme, the track “Eye of the Storm” and Lionel’s theme.