Iron Maiden’s The Writing on the Wall covered by Borna Matosic, feat. female vocals by Stefanie J.!

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In summer 2021 Iron Maiden released their first single in years, titled The Writing on the Wall, taken from the Senjutsu album. I fell in love with it immediately and started producing this cover an hour after the song’s release. Believe it or not, I pulled an all-nighter and had it basically finished a day later, but – bad timing! – that was the day I was due to leave for my summer vacation. So the song sat there waiting to be released all this time – until today!

The idea behind this cover was to remake Iron Maiden’s original in a (hard) rock version with orchestral elements. I think the composition fits that style really well!

For the vocals, the brilliant Stefanie J. came in and gave her best Bruce Dickinson impression!

This Writing on the Wall cover just launched on your favourite streaming platform, be it Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, you name it. I’m releasing it here as an audio-only version for now, but plan to bring you a real music video version in the future!

Audio production, song arrangement, video editing, guitar playing and more by Borna Matosic!

See you soon with another video!