Welcome to the Vale Lockdown project! After Lockdown Long Song and A Lockdown Carol, I teamed up with Doctor Who Lockdown producer Emily Cook for our third and most ambitious lockdown singalong! Together we will create a massive cover of Murray Gold‘s Vale Decem and YOUR voice will help us make it a reality! Since the lyrics are in latin, we‘ve put together this video to help you sing along. Our soprano Jana will sing the original melody. Follow her, and you can also follow the lyrics on screen. Watch it as many times as you need to practice the song. We want everyone to be able to take part in this, so Jana also sang an alternative easier version which you can find here: When you feel ready, use your phone or camera to record yourself singing along to the whole song while you listen to this lyric video with headphones on. Don‘t worry, you can do this! It doesn‘t have to be perfect, just give it your best shot and we‘ll take care of the rest. Most of all: don’t forget to have fun! Here’s the project announcement featuring Doctor Who Lockdown producer Emily Cook: We accept both video and audio only recordings but encourage you to film yourself so we can include you in the music video. Send us your recordings via email! If you‘re sending a big video file, upload your file to a service like WeTransfer or Google Drive and then email us the download link to your file. If you have questions, feel free to post in the comments or you can find me @BornaMatosic on Instagram & Twitter. Thank you for joining Vale Lockdown and we can‘t wait to check out your recordings!