Vale Decem from “Doctor Who: The End of Time” covered by Borna Matosic, Emily Cook, Mesdames Musicales and the Doctor Who: LOCKDOWN choir with hundreds of fans from all around the world! Watch Vale Lockdown on YouTube now. ► Stream/Download this track on Spotify/iTunes etc.! Choose your platform here: After our epic covers of The Long Song and Abigail’s Song last year, Doctor Who: LOCKDOWN producer Emily Cook and I teamed up again to bring you the grand finale of our Doctor Who Lockdown Choir trilogy! Once more we invited Doctor Who fans worldwide to sing in our online choir and become a part of a massive fan cover of Murray Gold’s Vale Decem, the iconic farewell song for the 10th Doctor in “Doctor Who: The End of Time”. Hundreds of fans joined in and their isolated voices from all around the world came together in harmony! Featured on lead vocals is the amazing Jana Marie Gropp! You’ve already heard her before on The Long Song, Abigail’s Song and many of my other productions. Of course the brilliant Sarah Bergé returns once more as the solo violinist for VALE LOCKDOWN! But wait, there’s more!! The wonderful Pauline Gropp joins us again on Piano! You still want more? How about the fantastic Emily Cook herself on saxophone? Yes, we spared no expense! 🙂 Now go and enjoy the video! Making it was a tremendous amount of work, so help us spread the word: Like and subscribe and share it across all of space and time. Thanks for watching and see you next time! ► About the original Vale Decem The song was composed by Murray Gold for Doctor Who’s christmas special “Doctor Who: The End of Time”. It was originally performed by Mark Chambers, with accompaniment by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and the Crouch End Festival Chorus. Murray Gold wrote latin lyrics and the title Vale Decem translates to “farewell Ten”. ► About our Vale Decem cover Cover arrangement, audio/video production and guitar performance by Borna Matosic. Web: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Lead vocals performed by Jana Marie Gropp. Web: Violin performed by Sarah Bergé. Instagram: Facebook: Piano performed by Pauline Gropp. Instagram: Saxophone performed by Emily Cook. Web: Instagram: Twitter: Find the names of all Doctor Who: LOCKDOWN choir participants at the end of the video. Thank you all for sending us your brilliant voices and videos! ► Credits correction: We misspelled Alina Sarkisyan! Sorry, Alina! 🙂 ► VALE LOCKDOWN project produced by Emily Cook. ► Video Credits Filmed on location in my living room and lots of bedrooms and cars and bathrooms around the world! Video production by Borna Matosic & Stefanie J. @ BAMBOO BANDIT: